Wassana Festival in Buddhism Religion

Wassana Festival in Buddhism Religion

Wassana – The Heaven on Earth

There is nothing more spectacular than a Thaian festival at Wassana. This beautiful forest reserve in the central province of Thailand is located in Ratchaburi, Thailand. In early June, the whole Thais celebrate the Songkran Festival. At this time in Thais, the people pay a visit to their relatives who come from faraway places to celebrate the auspicious beginning of the holy month of Songkran.
“The first smell of the new life is not as sweet as the aroma of the thistle flower when a monk steps out from the boat and enters the sacred abode,” says a police report from the central province of Thailand. The second smell is not far behind – the fragrance of the jasmine. People all over the country bring their part in the festivities.

What is Tha Nang Our?

Wassana is also known as Tha Nang Our is a significant tourist attraction for those who want to see the sights of the renowned floating market in Bangkok and the Grand Palace Compound. Some choose to spend their holiday enjoying traditional food while relaxing at one of the many resorts.

Those who have the opportunity to witness these phenomena up close would never forget the experience. They say that the creatures in the sky are very similar to what people believe to be intelligent beings from other planets. Although this remains to be seen, there is no proof to back the theory up. We know that there have been several reports of visitation by unexplained beings from elsewhere in the solar system and beyond.

There have been several theories on the flying objects that have been reported to be from space. Many have claimed that it was a visitation by alien life forms. Many of these strange beings were coming from the planet called Woman. A recent story from the Thailand Police Report suggests that there could be a link between Wassana Island and women.

No Signs of Any Alien

What is more strange about the reports is that there were no signs of any alien life forms and no pieces of any landing craft being seen. On one occasion, a tourist from Australia visited Wassana and while she was there noticed two small “robots” walking past where
she stood and observed them for a few minutes.

These robots seemed to be walking on the white sand beach located in the island’s center. A Thai police officer in the vicinity reported no reports of any such activity from July to December every year. He added that he did not believe that the movement of tourists was related to the unexplained high levels of pollution on the island.

According to the legend, King Kusumpurth of Ayutthaya (the original name of Wassana) built the island on the rear of an elephant. However, there are reports that the name was not given to the place by the king, but it came to be known as “Mitsutoki” after the king who supposedly found it. Some sources say that the name was inspired by the Thai word Mitsui (which means “three”) or from the Sanskrit word Mattituck (meaning “mountain”). Today, however, the name of Mitsutoki was changed to Wassana, which means “vast sea.”

A large number of Flying

Tourists to the area have reported seeing the same large number of flying saucers that take off regularly over the ocean. There are also accounts from tourists who have visited strange craft land on the island. There are stories about strange beings in the sea and reports of sightings of glowing objects. There have been rumors of UFO sightings as well. The majority of the people who visit Wassana take care of the local Thai people, providing them with food, work, and a living. There have been rumors that some wealthy foreigners have bought properties in the area and taken care of the local Thai people, although the foreign ministry has dismissed such claims.

Many media reports about alleged ufo seekers, alien beings, and other unexplained mysteries in the area. The truth is probably somewhere in between. There is a strong possibility that there are alien lifeforms out there, and some unexplained phenomena have indeed been seen and heard in the tourism hot spot. Some tourists who have gone to Wassana have said that they have personally seen aerial crafts and objects out there, although there are also reports that they’ve not.

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